Новина: Вакансии в компании Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.is recruiting Ph.D. students and graduates for work at its corporate research and development centers in the Republic of Korea (South Korea).

Particular interest is shown in specialists of the following majors:

  • ·       Information security system software development
  • ·       Big-data, machine-learning, and pattern-recognition system software development, cloud-computing software development
  • ·       Smart TV, gesture- / speech-recognition, text-to-speech, and natural-language-processing system software development
  • ·       LTE / network system development
  • ·       Advanced material research and development
  • ·       Semiconductor physics, technology, and device development



  • ·       Higher professional education (Ph.D. research) relevant to applied mathematics, cybernetics, computational technology, software development, computer science, network technology, or electronics engineering
  • ·       Experience in algorithm or software development (Linux, Java, C/C++, Python) or participation in R&D work
  • ·       Excellent academic progress in studies
  • ·       Participation in programming olympiads and contests is welcome

Advantages of work at Samsung Electronics:

  • ·       Opportunity to conduct research and development at advanced corporate labs
  • ·       Chance to gain an international-team working experience
  • ·       Compensation of expenses for flights between countries by Samsung Electronics
  • ·       Housing provision during the employment

In order to submit the application, one needs to send his / her resume in ENGLISH LANGUAGE at the email JobFair@SAMSUNG.COM with the subject «Graduate Recruitment»