Вакансія: Technical Writer

Компанія: Intetics.
Нова вакансія: Technical Writer
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Сфера діяльності компанії: IT
Hey! One of our coolest clients are totally unstoppable guys – they keep expanding their horizons and their team and the amount of projects and users are growing at insane speed.

Right now we are looking for a brainy Technical Writer to join a talented team of developers and business analysts, merge into startup culture and learn about the world of functional programming.

To put it in short, we are expecting our Tech Writer to be responsible for all the documentation that will be used by technical specialists. We are looking for a person who will be able to clearly, technically correct and simply cool pass the information about our decisions, their abilities and functional. What do we do? We are creating and modernizing cross-platform products for various business areas (HealthCare, e-learning, sport, B2B and much more), working on the language core, developing IDE, compilators.

How do we do it? The development is done on new cross-platform programming language that was specifically developed by the client, and this language combines peculiarities of functional and imperative languages. The language is similar to Standard ML, O’Caml and F# and is a bit similar to Haskell, Scala.

What do we expect from the candidate? It is important that you know at least one programming language, can read the code and communicate with developers at ease and also know English on Upper-Intermediate level.

What’s the screening process? We don’t have any technical interviews. In order to become part of our team, you will have to do 2 test tasks: one is more easy and can be done at home while the second is more complex and should be done in our office. To receive the first test task, send us your resume and we’ll get in touch!