Вакансія: Вакансия в компанию Samsung

Компанія: Samsung.
Нова вакансія:
Сайт компанії.
Контактні дані:

Сфера діяльності компанії: Consumer Electronic
POS (point of sales) registration;
MCS user registration (promoters, merchandisers, customers for sales data uploading)
Making correction in existing store database
Checking the partner ‘s sales/inventory data (in case of data mismatch)
Store mapping
Contacting Korean developers, and reporting the bugs found in MCS, GSCM, Mobile MCS.
Sharing the new version of Mobile MCS between SEUC user
Contact partners regarding automatic data uploading on Samsung’s FTP (sales/inventory).
Checking the file’s formatting and structure
Revealing of the EDI errors, and informing partners about the reason of the issue.

MS Office(Excel) – advanced user
English – intermediate