Вакансія: Research & Analytics Intern

Компанія: Artkai.
Нова вакансія: Research & Analytics Intern
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Сфера діяльності компанії: design
Artkai wants to spread the light of knowledge and prepare ultimate fighters for our studio. We are opening an internship for young people of 20+ age who have no substantial experience in IT.
If you just graduated from university, then it’s the answer to your prayers in searching for a job experience. After completing this internship, you will know where to find clients & how to communicate with them. This basic knowledge & experience will help you taking such professions:
— Project Manager
— Account Manager
— Customer Success Manager
— International Sales Manager
— Business Development Manager
Sounds tempting? Then this is what you will learn:
— What is design & development
— What processes & technologies are used there
— How international IT market works
— How to launch & manage IT project
— Where clients come from & how to work with them
— Business-correspondence skills
— How to work with any English-speaking company
— Data Analytics, Lead Generation, Startups research
Getting this position is not easy. At all.
Main requirements:
1. Advanced English.
It means that:
You can read, speak & comprehend texts in English.
You can write a business letter without mistakes.
2. Attention to detail.
We mean that you will be:
— Spending the whole day behind your laptop,
— Learning new stuff all the time,
— Surfing through 25 opened tabs in Google Chrome,
— Collecting of information & statistics,
— Working with Excel tabs, CRM, LinkedIn, Basecamp, Slack apps,
— Understanding what are you doing & what you need to achieve.
Office work, from 10 AM till 7 PM, Mon-Fri, near Lukyanivska subway station.