Вакансія: ML engineer

Компанія: Athena Security.
Нова вакансія: ML engineer
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Сфера діяльності компанії: Computer Learning
The Athena Security team is looking for talented senior level ML Engineers to work on machine learning based classification system to help save lives by using ML to detect weapons. The system utilizes both supervised and unsupervised techniques, Key responsibilities include developing and integrating new ML algorithms, performing model evaluation and error analysis, making current solutions more efficient and help building a scalable platform that can be used across a large variety of technology domains He / she needs to work closely with the ML team and Product manager within Athena Security. He / she is also encouraged to come up with new ML ideas, develop prototypes and demo to management. DAILY RESPONSIBILITIES: You will be apart of the ML team, and help deliver AI products on time.
Key Qualifications
Strong working knowledge of machine learning algorithms such as classification, clustering, anomaly detection, neural network and model evaluation
Rich experience in building machine learning models & high-performance end-to-end systems
Agile development of data collection, model training, hyper parameter tuning and error analysis
Solid programming skills in Python and and experience C and C++
Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
Excellent interpersonal written and verbal communication skills
Obsessively passionate and inquisitive, and seek to solve everyday problems in innovative ways
Laser-focused on the smallest details that are important to our customers
Worked with Nvidia GPU’s
Worked with Deepstream from nvidia
2 to 5 years experience
Must have a 4 year or more degree in computer science related major.